Friday, June 13, 2014

50 Reasons Why I Love JWK

50 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

1. His sense of humor.
2. His kindness.
3. His blue eyes.
4. His devotion to his children.
5. His unwillingness to grow up completely.
6. His support of my writing.
7. His willingness to put up with my lack of cooking expertise.
8. His work ethic.
9. His help with the children when they were younger.
10. His ability to always make me smile.
11. His love of the beach.
12. His uncanny ability to always get a good parking spot.
13. His strong arms.
14. His smile.
15. His laugh.
16. His willingness to walk the dogs in the rain/snow.
17. He always put his family first.
18. He tries to understand his girls, despite growing up without sisters.
19. He puts up with my crazy ideas.
20. His ability to stay calm when I’m freaking out.
21. His love of sports.
22. His willingness to kill bugs and spiders.
23. His strong lawn-cutting skills!
24. He values my job as a mother and wife.
25. He encourages and guides our children.
26. His kindness toward others.
27. He’s a great leader.
28. His sentimentality.
29. His ability to make others laugh.
30. He doesn’t take himself too seriously.
31. His intuition when it comes to knowing people/situations.
32. His gentlemanly ways.
33. His willingness to have the TV on every night before we go to bed because I can’t sleep without it.
34. His willingness to stay awake at night and talk me down when I’m on the edge.
35. His fantastic grilling abilities.
36. His great breakfasts.
37. He fills up my car with gas when it’s low – without me asking!
38. His hugs.
39. His patience.
40. His fantastic back rubs.
41. His honesty.
42. His willingness to pick up the kids at night when I’m already in bed.
43. His voice.
44. His ability (and willingness) to find the answer to any random question that may come up.
45. His loyalty.
46. His pride for his children
47. His willingness to help others.
48. His memory for faces.
49. He sticks to his principals.
50. The fact that he loves me!

Happy 50th Birthday Jeff!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Remembering the firsts

I remember all your firsts:

The first time I saw your face, scrunched up and crying when the nurse handed you to me.

The first time your big brother held you, his four-year-old arms cradling you carefully as he asked “Where is she going to sleep?”

Your first sleep over, when at age four, you told me you were old enough to walk to the door by yourself, and that I shouldn’t worry or miss you because, after all, it was only one night, and I had a picture of you I could stare at.

The first time I dropped you off at preschool, your school bag bigger than you and your smile bigger than your face, waving to me as you ran into the classroom.

The first time you were hurt by a friend, your big green eyes filled with tears as you asked me why someone would not include you in a play date.

The first time you got angry at me, those same green eyes wide and blazing, questioning my decision and my words.

Your first days of kindergarten, middle school and high school, your smile still big but those eyes tinged with worry, and even doubt.

And now, instead of remembering your firsts, I am counting down your lasts:

Your last full day of high school (Where did the past 12 years go?)

Your last high school exam (Yes, you do still need to study for it!)

Your last day as a high school student (Remember this day, you will relive it over and over again for years!)

Your last summer before college (The best days of your life!)

High school graduation is such a momentous occasion in one’s life. It’s a stepping stone to adulthood. 

Friends you swore you’d never loose touch with will slowly disappear, replaced by new friends and only seen at reunions and homecoming games.

Summers will no longer be spent lounging by the pool and hanging out at the mall. Instead, there will be summer classes to attend, internships to be scored and the world to be explored.

These really are the best days of your life. Enjoy them. Don’t rush through them. Stop and take the time to appreciate home. Oh, not necessarily the physical building (although your room is rather comfortable) but the places you have existed in and taken for granted these past 18 years.

I remember someone describing home as the place that is close to the heart of the owner. Yes, close to the heart of the owner. That is the place I want you to enjoy – anyone or anyplace that is close to your heart.

Congratulations my soon-to-be high school graduate. As I watch you walk down that aisle at graduation, I will have another first to remember:

Your first steps into adulthood (I’m so proud of you!)