About Me

Hi! And Welcome to My Peace of Mind!

I am a wife to one, mother to three, sister to five and friend to many.

BC (Before Children) I was an editor and writer for a trade magazine.

Then came a son, Gymboree, swimming lessons, a daughter, homeroom parent duties, sports, Girl Scouts, another daughter, more sports, volunteer jobs and homework.
But now it's my turn.

Join me, as I give you a little of my "Peace of Mind."

Here is the family (a rare picture indeed as my kids have put a moratorium on family pictures).

And here's my "desk" (aka kitchen table) and writing partner (aka Gracie, 1/2 of our Shih Tzu sisters.)

But here's where I'd really rather be writing year-round:

I'd love to chat with you anytime. Feel free to contact me at katespeaceofmind@gmail.com!