Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stop and smell the sunflowers

Despite what my mother told me (every summer for years), summer is NOT over when Fourth of July gets here. (Although it often feels like it!) But summer does seem to fly by, despite my best efforts to slow it down.

If my calculations are correct (and keep in mind I was an English major in college for a reason), summer is about half way over. As depressing as that thought is, I am taking it as a wake up call.

It's time to stop and smell the roses, or sunflowers, as the case may be!

Have you taken advantage of all that summer has to offer?

Have you:

-Visited your local Farmer's Market?
-Taken a bike ride?
-Watched the sunset?
-Watched the sunrise?
-Swam in a pool? Lake? Ocean?
-Built a sandcastle?
-Bought lemonade from a neighborhood stand?
-Ridden a roller coaster?
-Read a good, trashy book?
-Slept in?
-Stayed up late?
-Roasted marshmallows?
-Visited a fair or carnival?
-Lost track of the days?
-Put away your make-up?
-Baked a pie?
-Visited a pick-your-own farm?
-Run through a sprinkler?
-Camped out?
-Gone barefoot for the day?
-Caught fireflies (and then let them go, of course :)
-Had ice cream for dinner?
-Created a sidewalk chalk masterpiece?
-Turned off the tv, phone, and computer for the day? The afternoon?
-Gone to a drive-in movie theater?
-Attended a baseball game?
-Made a wish on a star?
-Gone fishing?
-Packed a picnic?
-Gone cloud watching?
-Washed your car?
-Played mini-golf?
-Played on the swings?
-Had a barbecue?
-Gone to the zoo?
-Flagged down the ice cream truck?
-Gone to the park?
-Attended an outdoor concert?
-Eaten a s'more?

You haven't?

Well, what are you waiting for? It's the last week of July people! Time is a wastin'!

So get out there and enjoy summer and all its glory!

You're welcome!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Letting it go

Welcome July! (I’m not sure how you got here so quickly, but I’m happy to see you!)

I feel like my summer is officially beginning, despite the fact that my kids have been out of school for over two weeks and we’ve been down the shore (for those not from the Southeastern Pennsylvania  area, that means at the beach) since mid-June!

Summer is my favorite season (although fall is a very close second) and I use the time to not only work on my tan and soak up some Vitamin D, but also to set some goals and cross things off my bucket list.

And this summer is no different. The number one thing I’ve done so far is adopt a song for the summer ~ Let it Go, from the movie Frozen. (Ironic that my summer song is from a movie about the cold, but that’s another post for another day!)

I’ve decided to use this summer to “let go” of my controlling ways. I’m going to (try and) release the need to manage everything in my path. If I can’t do it in the summer, when the living is supposed to be easy, then when can I?

This “Let it go” attitude was tested this past weekend, when we decided to host a mini-reunion for a group of friends with whom my husband grew up. I bought the food and cleaned the house, but let him control the agenda for the day. And every time I tried to take over and suggest a few things, I stopped and started humming “Let it go” until the urge passed. (Confession: by the end of the day, we were all sick of that song!)
But, and here’s the “aha moment,” the day went off perfectly and I (eventually) relaxed and enjoyed myself.
I have a feeling I will be sick of this song in a few weeks, since my family is determined to test my resolve this summer. I am spending these next few weeks at the beach with my youngest daughter while my husband commutes on the weekends and my two older children come and go as their work schedules allows. Yes, it is nice that they are of at that age but for a control freak, this means I am never sure who will be sleeping where, who will be having friends down, and when they will be coming/going. But I’m taking a deep breath and, yes, you guessed it, letting it go. 
So, if you happen to pass a woman in the grocery store humming that catchy Disney tune rather loudly, feel free to stop and say hello. I’ll try and keep it down, but no guarantees!

Happy July everyone!

*Rabbit Rabbit *