Monday, October 10, 2011


I am Anti-E-Book, and proud of it!

Perhaps that makes me old-fashioned, but hey, I was that already so I don’t really care.

If I had to choose between a book and a computer, I would always take the book. I like the feel of a book in my hands as I turn the pages. I like to see how thick/thin a book is and wonder at its size. I like the feeling of accomplishment I get when I glance at the book on my nightstand and see my bookmark nestled in the pages. I love the smell of a new book, and the musty smell of old book stores and libraries.

Oh I know the arguments: the Kindle is lighter, the Nook is easier to carry/pack on trips; the e-books are less expensive.

I say hogwash. I will not to be brainwashed.

Why? You can’t collect e-books and display them on your bookshelves. You can’t get them autographed by the author.

Books don’t require batteries – one of the few items left in today’s world that don’t need to be charged, updated or plugged in.

I recently took my Girl Scout Troop on a camping trip. I told them they weren’t allowed to bring any electronics with them. I mentioned they could bring balls, playing cards and a book. Imagine my surprise when the first question I got was, “What about my Kindle?”

Really? What do I say to that? Doesn’t that seem to defeat the purpose of “getting back to nature”? (By the way, I told them “No Kindles” – find a good old-fashioned book!)

And what about our babies? One of my favorite pastimes with my children when they were younger was to sit them on my lap in their rocking chair in their rooms and read to them. Do parents today whip out their Kindle to read Good Night Moon? How exactly does a picture book translate onto an I-Pad? No wait, I don’t want to know.

You can’t cuddle up with a Kindle.

I-Pad? I don’t think so!

Just say “NO” to the Nook.

And I’m not alone. I recently joined the “Official Anti-Kindle Group” on Facebook. And YouTube has an Anti-E-Book Campaign (

I’ll say it again: I am Anti-E-book, and proud of it! Won’t you join me?

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