Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We lost a special man recently; a true gentleman in every sense of the word. It was very sudden, and far too soon for those who knew him. We mourn his death even as we celebrate his life.
“D” wore many hats – husband, father, grandfather, businessman, friend – and he wore them all with pride and distinction.
He was lucky enough to find two wonderful women to love and who loved him, despite, or perhaps because of, his unique sense of style and hearty appetite.
He loved his family; he was never prouder than when he saw one of his grandchildren in action.
“Is that my granddaughter out there?”
“Way to go #8!”
“Look at him go!”
While we, as parents, sometimes cringed at his exuberance, his grandchildren blossomed, basking in his love and acceptance. Basketball games, school musicals, baseball games, track meets, volleyball games, talent shows, tennis matches – he attended them all, cheering on the sidelines.
We will miss him; we do miss him. Who will read “The Night Before Christmas” to the grandchildren every Christmas Eve? Who will take care of the garden in Ocean City? Who will drive the Jeep to get the papers in the morning? Who will teach my children how to balance a spoon on the tip of their noses, or to turn their ears inside out?
D was an only child, who raised two sons, so a daughter-in-law was a bit of an adjustment for him. However, I can say with all honesty, he treated all the women in his life with respect and love, sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor.
The morning he died, before any of us knew what was to come, I checked in on him to see how he was doing. He had only recently found out about this new hobby of mine, and I’m told he was very proud of me. His words to me, his final words to me, were “Are you going to write about me in your Blog?”
D, I could never do you justice, but I hope you like it.
To a great man, a loving husband, a doting father and grandfather, and an exceptional father-in-law, we will always remember you. Thank you for your love, your attention, your humor and your guidance. God Bless.

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  1. Kate, So true all that you wrote. My fondest memory of him is on his bike in OC. Such a natural. He will be missed.

    Love your blog, Janet


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