Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Numbers - it seems as though our lives are ruled by them. Dates, times, budgets, goals - numbers dominate our lives.

Here is a picture of what my day looks like:

A rather calm day, especially compared to what it will look like a month from now, when school and life begins again!

My day is ruled by numbers: What is today's date? What time is my meeting? What train do I catch? How much is my grocery bill? How many miles should I walk? How many words have I typed?

Imagine a day without numbers? Chaos?

Have you tried living without your calendar or blackberry? Have you gone more than a few minutes and not checked the time? Have you lived off the grid for any length of time?

I gave up wearing my watch one vacation - determined to live in the moment. That lasted about two days and I caved. I just couldn't do it. I'm sad to say I work better with schedules and routines.

Numbers - a necessary part of my life.

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