Monday, September 30, 2013

October: Kindness is Your Name

Tomorrow is October 1. I’m sure you’re all aware of that, but I thought I’d point this out to you for a few reasons.

1. It’s the first day of one of my favorite months (not the least of which is because it is my birthday and anniversary month).
2. I have finally accepted the fact that summer is over and I am enjoying these sunny fall days and cool evenings and not missing the beach at all (okay, hardly at all).
3. I can now legitimately wear my sweaters and boots without feeling like I’m pushing the season.
4. It’s my birthday month. (Did I mention that?)

To celebrate this month, I’ve decided to make October my Random Acts of Kindness Month!

If you’ve read my blog, you know one of my mom’s favorite sayings was “Kindness is your name.” October is also meaningful to me because it is the month my mom died so, in her honor, I dedicate this month to fulfilling her wish. During the month of October, my name will be kindness.

I’ve tried to start this tradition in the past but the craziness of life always took over and made me forget. I have discovered that if I don’t write something down, I just can’t remember it. (Sad, isn’t it.)

This time, I’ve decided to jot down one act of kindness I will perform each day in October. I’m also trying not to break the bank with this project because I firmly believe kindness doesn’t require a lot of money. Having said this, my goal is to spend less than $5 (and in some cases nothing at all) each day to brighten the day of someone else – be it a friend, family member, neighbor or stranger.

Here’s my agenda for the month:

31 Acts of Kindness for the Month of October

Oct. 1 – Remember someone in your thoughts/prayers. I am attending a retreat so I plan on keeping friends and family members in my prayers.
Oct. 2 – Leave a “Take What You Need” flyer at your local library/grocery store. Here’s the one I will be posting.Take What You Need
Oct. 3 – Drop off homemade goodies to a neighbor who you feel could use a special pick-me-up, with a note telling them how special they are.
Oct. 4 – Volunteer with a local charity for the day. I volunteer with ConKerr Cancer and will be delivering pillowcases to a local hospital and Ronald McDonald House for those children suffering from life-changing illnesses.
Oct. 5 – Email someone who has helped you in the past and tell them (again) how much their guidance meant to you.
Oct. 6 – Call a family member and tell them how much you love and appreciate them.
Oct. 7 – Compliment a stranger. “Pretty dress” “Nice tie” or “Cute shoes” will cheer anyone up, especially on a Monday.
Oct. 8 – Mentor a child. I am on the board of a local organization that mentors high school girls. We will be holding a seminar today discussing the importance of self-esteem and self-confidence in teen girls.
Oct. 9 – Pay a little extra on your overdue fees at the library and give someone else the gift of a free day of reading!
Oct. 10 – Pick up trash in your neighborhood that’s been discarded on lawns and curbs.
Oct. 11 – Bring in your neighbor’s trash cans on trash/recycling day.
Oct. 12 – Make your kids’ beds today.
Oct. 13 – Spread the word about a friend’s start-up business. (Clover Market, an outdoor vintage, collectibles and craft market in Ardmore, PA is open today from 10-5. Come check it out!)
Oct. 14 – Call a friend and ask how they are, and then just listen. It’s nice to have someone ask about you for a change.
Oct. 15 – Drop off dinner to a friend/neighbor in need.
Oct. 16 – Surprise the kids with a homemade breakfast. If your house is anything like mine on a weekday, breakfast is often a Poptart or granola bar on the run. Make them pancakes or homemade waffles for a nice surprise on Hump Day!
Oct. 17 – Return the shopping cart – yours or someone elses – to its rightful location at the grocery store.
Oct. 18 – Donate canned goods to your local Church or food bank.
Oct. 19 – Say “Yes” when a cashier asks you if you want to donate $1 to a local charity.
Oct. 20 – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Spread the word and encourage your mother/sister/friend/neighbor (or yourself) to get a mammogram.
Oct. 21 – Tell your family you love them! And give them a hug and a kiss! (And Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband for 24 great years!)
Oct. 22 – Donate those clothes that don’t fit anymore! Someone will be thrilled with them.
Oct. 23 – Donate a tray of baked goods and/or money to your child’s school/sports bake sale.
Oct. 24 – Thank your mailman with a plate of cookies or a simple note. (Sure it’s nice to be walking the neighborhood in October, but come February it’s the last thing anyone wants to do!)
Oct. 25 – Thank the trash men too! It’s a dirty job but thank goodness these men have stepped up to do it!
Oct. 26 – Tell a parent something good about their child. So often we hear/see the bad about our children; it’s nice when someone shares the positive about our little darlings!
Oct. 27 – Share a positive quote on FaceBook or Twitter.
Oct. 28 – Bring baked goods to a meeting.
Oct. 29 – Surprise someone with flowers, just because!
Oct. 30 – Let someone in front of you in line at the grocery store or in the carpool line.
Oct. 31Happy Halloween! While the kids always get the candy, don’t forget the parents who are schlepping them around the neighborhood! A piece of candy, bottle of water (or adult beverage if they are walking) is always appreciated!

That’s my plan for the month of October. You’re welcome to join me. I’d love to hear your ideas for random acts of kindness. Or, if you’ve done this before, tell me how you felt after each act or how the person you bestowed your kindness upon responded to you. October, kindness is your name! Let’s do this!


  1. Kate, I love this. One small gesture for us is huge to someone else. Last year on my birthday the kids in class asked what I'd like. I said for them to perform a random act of kindness. Sadly, I had to explain it to them, but they were on board. It was great.

    You do know that all five of us will be waiting for a call on the 6th, right?

  2. Hello Kate, What a wonderful idea! You and your readers might like my blog post
    Loving-Kindness: Not Just for Some, but for Everyone

    1. Thanks Carol! I'll check out your post now! (I love that word - loving-kindness!)


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